Hello, welcome to my private realm. Here you will get to know the very intimate side of me.

First, I’d like to thank you for taking your time to get to know me.
I know searching for the right companion is quite a daunting task. Finding just the right woman you want to spend your time and hard-earned money with, is so overwhelming.
So many girls are cold and clinical, so I hope by reading this you'll feel at ease, and like you finally found your match.

I value connection above all else and always engage in getting-to-know-you conversations via email or phone calls before our encounter so we can become more acquainted. I never work with agencies/booking agents because that disconnects me from the very connection I'm trying to create. (With that being said, please have patience with me, I am a one-woman-show and have a lot of things going on all the time, I’m not a flake, I am just busy.)

I hired a booking agent once, to help me with all the “paperwork” side of the business, helping with tour details like booking hotels and flights, posting ads, replying to email, screening and such, when the gents showed up, it felt so awkward and superficial. I hated the disconnect.

I am a confident 40-year-old, wise, worldly, WOMAN. I am proud of my age and wear it like a badge of honor, because I have lived a wonderful life and still maintain the youthful beauty of someone easily a decade younger than me. 

I pride myself on being authentic. I truly feel I have a special gift for connecting with all. I feel that’s what really sets me apart from my competition. I rarely have to advertise because my clientele fall in love with me and keep coming back. If you are fortunate enough to come across one of my ads, it is probably because I am touring.


New friendships can certainly have an air of intensity, but we needn’t take ourselves too seriously—this is supposed to be fun! Lest you get the wrong idea from my fancy prose and photos, I assure you that I am silly as hell and love a good joke.

I absolutely adore cuddling, sensual play, good wine, fine dark chocolates, and indulging the 5 senses. 


I revel in every moment of divine hedonism, and I invite you to join me in exploring every possibility imaginable, between 2 erotically creative minds. I am well-versed in the dying art of the Geisha (The Womanly Art of Entertaining a Man.) So let me ravish your body with intense, passionate abandon or seduce you with a delicate game of tease and denial. I anxiously await our intimate time together, where we may explore all your erotic weaknesses.

I prefer extended dinner dates, all-night liaisons, and multi-day affairs because it allows for quality time. What can I say, my love language is quality time.
I can travel to your hotel or residence, or we may rendezvous at my hotel or a romantic destination of your choosing?


Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, and how you look on the outside is never as important to me as who you are on the inside.  The values that have shaped your life, the way you carry yourself in this world and what makes you the unique person that you are, are qualities that I find stimulating and essential to a fulfilling time together. 

Adventurous, intuitive, intelligent, candid, wild at heart… words are pretty, but cannot compare to the visceral, soothing warmth of close and intimate conversation. I’m here to bring a little levity into your day, to help you relax into yourself, and to rejuvenate your lust for life. 

Perhaps you’re a little nervous to contact me, a mysterious, beautiful stranger—and who wouldn’t be? But one thing I’ve learned from my all my adventures: sometimes you’ve just got to jump in. You would be so lucky to encounter a rare gem such as myself and I look forward to making your acquaintance.

I realize I am not for everyone, and I too am very selective with whom I meet and share the "Girlfriend-Experience." 
I am particular in the company I choose to entertain, and I cater exclusively to discerning gentlemen. 
Screening is a must, and my availability is limited as this is only a part time hobby for me.
If you like what you see and think we would be a match, then step into my play world and get in touch as soon as possible by filling out my screening form.


Wet, sensual kisses,
Bianca Verona
TER ID: 294500
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